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Dark Autumn Large Silkcloque Shawl

Dark Autumn Large Silkcloque Shawl


This shawl is full of rich autumnal colors.   It is dark amber, rust, and browns on one side,  deep ambers with just a touch of green and yellow on the other.  The two sides are held together with veins of soft black Merino wool.


It measures 63" long,  and 39"wide at one end tapering to 5" on the other.


It is created using non-toxic, eco-friendly materials and methods. 


We recommend hand washing with gentle soap or shampoo in cold water.  Squeeze water out by rolling it in an absorbent towel, and hang to dry. To remove wrinkles and give the silk more loft, fluff it in the dryer on low heat for 10 - 15 minutes.


Price includes shipping.

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