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Royal Purple Devore Skirt

Royal Purple Devore Skirt


This rich purple skirt is the color of dark amethyst. The top layer is made of Devore satin burned into a vine and leaf pattern. The underlayer is soft flowing Habotai dyed with the same rich purple accented with dark teal blues.


Devore fabric is created by weaving silk fibers with rayon fibers. The rayon fibers are then burned away using an sodium bisulfate (a mild acid) and heat leaving a pattern in the silk fabric.


Waist fits up to 48"  Length is 36" at the longest point.  Silk cord around the waist allows you to adjust to fit. 


Hand dyed with non-toxic, eco-friendly pigments, fixatives, and techniques.


Hand wash using gentle soap or shampoo.  Hang to dry. May be ironed.


Price includes shipping.

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