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These giant veils are 45" wide x 110" long.  These are made from light-as-a-feather China silk Paj so they literally float in the air.  Dance with them, play with them, wrap them around your neck for warmth in the winter, drape them over your window for a curtain, drape the over your bed for a canopy, drape them over the backs of 2 chairs to create a secret hide-away . . . . the possibilities are endless!  

Also listed on this page are ou large 54" square scarves.  They are made from light-as-a-feather China silk Paj and literally float on the wind. They make a dramatic headscarf, especially for those of you who have Dred Locks. Are light enough to be worn as a shawl on a cool summer afternoon. And warm enough to wear as a carf under any coat

Easy care with hand dyed with eco-friendly non-toxic dyes and fixatives.  

As with all of our products, they are easy care with hand wash in cold water using mild soap (we recommend Palmolive) or mild shampoo (if it's gentle enough for your hair, it's safe for your silk). . Rinse with cold water and hang dry.

Price includes shipping.

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